Archery Day-Camp!

1-Week Day Camps in Kaneohe
Open to Students age 8 and up
In response to requests from parents and budding archers, we've created this day-camp as a way for students to learn more about the basics of archery, while having fun and making new friends. In addition to great archery training, campers will stretch their skills with amazing archery games, hands-on equipment building PLUS a bunch of fun and educational activities at one of O'ahu's most beautiful locations.
A glimpse from our recent Summer Camp


YWCA O'ahu's
Camp Kokokahi

45-35 Kaneohe Bay Dr

Kaneohe, HI 96744




Drop off from 8:00am
Pick-up by 5:00pm*
*$10 fee after 5pm,
$50 fee after 6pm

How Much?

10% discount for families and former students
(call Coach Phil to get discount)
* + tax; price includes hand-made take-home bow and 3 non-lethal arrows!!!
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Planned Archery Activities:

SAFE Archery Training

  • Learn to shoot non-lethal, foam-tipped arrows and low draw-weight bows

  • Set Goals and take archery challenges (moving targets, balance and focus challenges, moving archer drills)

  • Play archery games and participate in team and individual competitions


  • Play our interactive team sport, similar to the game of dodgeball, only with SAFE archery equipment!


  • Stay safe with our facemasks and arm-guards, and only after demonstrating personal responsibility


"Make & Take" Equipment

  • Make simple, working bows, decorate and test them on the range, then bring them home at the end of camp!

  • We'll learn about the different types of bows and see how our own bows compare.

SAFE Field Archery

  • Students will shoot at variety of our special targets, laid out on an outdoor course

Target Archery Training

Archery Movies and Videos

  • Based on student’s demonstrated skill and responsibility

  • Archers will watch movies and videos in our dedicated cabin.

  • All content will be appropriate for the ages of the campers

Other Activities We're Planning:

Here are a few of the other activities we have in store for our archers:


  • Nature Hikes

    • Camp Kokokahi is one of O'ahu's best kept secrets, in terms of beautiful natural surroundings. We plan to explore the campus and nearby trails with experienced guides leading the campers.


  • Safety & Survival Awareness on the Trail

    • Campers will learn how to maintain awareness on the trail, and we'll give them some basic survival techniques to help keep them safe.


  • Healthy Snack & SMOOTHIE Workshops!

    • Campers will make fun and healthy snacks each day, plus nutricious, yummy smoothies.

    • Menus and ingredients will be shared before the first day of class.


  • Guest Speakers bringing Unique Activities

    • We always add a little extra to our camps!

    • In years past, we've brought UH Marine Biologists, Planet Sun, The Inner Roar, Circus Olina, Hawaii Dance Bomb & Coach Nick's Fishing classes, just to name a few. 


  • Bay Education Experience

    • Kaneohe Bay is rich in Hawaiian History and Culture, and efforts are underway to restore the natural habitat to indigenious species.

    • For our next camp, we have some new and unique activities planned, which we'll announce shortly.


  • "Plastics and the Environment" - Awareness Workshop

    • ​With Suzanne from B-E-A-C-H

    • Campers learn about how microplastics and nanoplastics are impacting the local marine ecosystems right here in Hawaii.


  • Sport Stretching & Movement Training

    • Students will learn how to use stretch bands, foam rollers, tennis balls, etc. to manage stiffness and pain, and become equipped to deal with physical problems from sports or daily activity, as they age


  • Swimming!

    • The YWCA has a great swimming pool, which we'll use a few times during the week.

  • Supervised “Chill Time” in the Common Areas

    • ​Hey, a break is a break!  We recognize that and we're gonna let them have some time to just chill and be kids - they deserve that too!


Direct any questions to Coach Phil @ 808.675.6858

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