Our SAFE Archery classes are everywhere! the schools' after-school enrichment programs. the public, private and homeshool PE classes. the afternoons, eveninings and weekends at local gyms, parks and community centers.

SAFE Archery in PE
SAFE Archery Classes
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Our classes are designed to help improve Strength, Posture, Self-Confidence, Body & Mind Awareness and of course, Shooting Accuracy. Most classes run once per week. Our after-school classes usually run 8 to 12  weeks. Our "PE Support Program" is usually a one-week unit designed to supplement normal PE instruction. We also provide private lessons and target archery instruction for advanced archers.

The SAFE Archery Level 1 Class covers the following topics:


  • Archery Safety

  • Archery Class Rules, Range Rules

  • Choosing Left- or Right-Handed (The Dominant Eye Test)

  • The History of Archery

  • Types & Parts of the Bow, Types & Parts of the Arrow

  • How to String and Un-string a bow

  • Score Keeping & Goal-Setting

  • Practice Shooting from 10 to 30 feet

  • Archery Individual & Team Competition

  • Applying Archery Concepts to Everyday Life

  • Archery Themed Event (themes vary, instructor's choice)

If you're interested in learning archery through our SAFE Archery Class or through a one-on-one instructor training, please fill in our Class Sign-Up Form, or call Coach Phil at (808) 675-6858.


If you want us to bring a SAFE Archery Unit to your school's PE Program (usually at no cost to the school), ask your PE Director to contact us.