Our SAFE Archery classes are everywhere! the schools' after-school enrichment programs. the public, private and homeshool PE classes. the afternoons, eveninings and weekends at local gyms, parks and community centers.

Our classes are designed to help improve Strength, Posture, Self-Confidence, Body & Mind Awareness and of course, Shooting Accuracy. Most classes run once per week. Our after-school classes usually run 8 to 12  weeks. Our "PE Support Program" is usually a one-week unit designed to supplement normal PE instruction. We also provide private lessons and target archery instruction for advanced archers.

The SAFE Archery Level 1 Class covers the following topics:


  • Archery Safety

  • Archery Class Rules, Range Rules

  • Choosing Left- or Right-Handed (The Dominant Eye Test)

  • The History of Archery

  • Types & Parts of the Bow, Types & Parts of the Arrow

  • How to String and Un-string a bow

  • Score Keeping & Goal-Setting

  • Practice Shooting from 10 to 30 feet

  • Archery Individual & Team Competition

  • Applying Archery Concepts to Everyday Life

  • Archery Themed Event (themes vary, instructor's choice)

If you're interested in learning archery through our SAFE Archery Class or through a one-on-one instructor training, please fill in our Class Sign-Up Form, or call Coach Phil at (808) 675-6858.


If you want us to bring a SAFE Archery Unit to your school's PE Program (usually at no cost to the school), ask your PE Director to contact us.

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