Archery For ALL came into existence in July, 2013, when Phil Doerr and his daughter, Nally, discovered SAFE Archery at a balloon festival in Battle Creek, Michigan.


They were doing what most visitors to the festival were doing - enjoying the air show and exploring the grounds. They spent a little time in the carnival area, and were a bit frustrated by the pushy nature of the carny game & ride operators.


As they walked the grounds, they came upon a group of people shooting arrows at a large inflatable target and also lining up for what looked like some kind of team event. Both were intrigued, so Nally decided to give it "a shot". They were greeted by a guy who quickly offered to give Nally some basic shooting instructions.


Nally took to shooting a bow as if it were a natural extension of her body. Phil began talking to the guy, who let Nally continue to shoot as they talked. They talked on and off, between shooters stepping up to take their turn. As the conversation progressed, Nally began taking over, instructing the shooters how to properly stand, aim and shoot.


Phil made the decision right then to buy a HoverBall range, a few bows and some SAFE Archery arrows and bring them back to Hawaii on the airplane. He knew nobody had anything like this back home, and it would be the key to practicing hands-on marketing while providing a worthwhile service for the local community.


Once back home in Honolulu, Phil & Nally started running their archery booth at local farmer's markets and school fairs. Within six months, Archery For ALL began teaching archery introduction classes after school at a local elementary.


Since those humble beginnings, the little archery company has introduced the sport of archery to over 60,000 people in the state of Hawaii, at school fairs, community festivals, birthday parties, team-buildings, bachelor parties, scout camps, summer-fun's at the parks, even at their own archery camp!.


Together with some amazing coaches, Archery For ALL has introduced archery through in-school PE classes and after-school enrichment classes at 32 local schools. Some of Coach Phil's early students have even gone on to shoot archery competitively!


After travelling back to the U.S. mainland to become a USA Archery Level 2 Instructor, Coach Phil has certified over 60 Level 1 Instructors, many of whom have worked for the company and supported it's mission.

Today, Archery For ALL continues to teach kids and adults alike how to shoot a bow and arrow. Amidst the evolution of the gear, the great coaches that have come and gone, the camps, the clinics, the new games (Go DodgeBow!) and all of the students who've been a part of this special offering, we've always held true to our mission to introduce the sport of archery in a SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and FUN manner.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years - you are the best part of our story!